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Àmbit B30, present at the “Circular Economy Hotspot Catalonia 2021”

The B30 is one of the top 20 regions in the world that applies the Circle City Scan to detect the potential in circularity

The XAC B30, the network for the circular action of the economy in the B30, has been present in the 5th edition of the Circular Economy Hotspot that is being held this week in Barcelona. During the international meeting, the working group on circular economy of the B30 Area presented the exercise carried out in the territory of Circle City Scan. The results, reflected in the “Circular Area B30” report, reflect the circular vision of the region and its industrial fabric, identifying the opportunities and starting points to favor the circular transition. It identifies the economic sectors and the 16 strategies with the most potential to begin implementing the circular economy in the territory. The study places the territory of the B30 next to other European cities or regions that have made this analysis such as Bilbao, Amsterdam or Prague.

In the words of the president of Area B30, Josep Monràs, “from the Association we work to support the transition to the circular economy as a means of change and economic and social progress”. In this sense, he explained that since 2017 “we have commissioned several projects aimed at detecting the potential of circularity at the regional level” and added that “with our participation in the Circular Economy Hotspot we position ourselves as one of the leading European regions in the implementation of strategies to boost the circular economy”.

The Circular Economy Hotspot, whose motto this year is “Promoting a regenerative economy”, will be held in Barcelona from 15 to 18 November. In previous editions it has been done in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scotland and Belgium. It aims to share experiences and strategies on circular economics. The 300 people involved are part of the main European players involved in the transformation towards a circular, inclusive and emission-neutral economic model.