Nota de premsa

Area B30 welcomes the announcement of the split of the R3 between Parets and La Garriga by the Ministry

The splitting of the line between Montcada and La Garriga is part of the priority actions that the entity has indicated in its study on infrastructures and mobility services on the B-30 axis.

The Àmbit B30 Association has expressed its satisfaction with the award of the works to split the R3 suburban line by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda through Adif. The works will be carried out over a distance of 17.1 km, between Parets and La Garriga stations, and will also affect the municipalities of Montmeló, Granollers, Canovelles and Les Franqueses del Vallès.

This action is one of the main investments demanded by the public and economic agents of the territory. Precisely, the study “Prioritization of actions in infrastructure and mobility services of the B-30 corridor”, carried out by the entity, points to its development as a high priority for social and economic progress in the field of B30.

Renfe’s R3 line is the only one in the Barcelona suburbs that only has a single track. This limits its capacity as trains in the opposite direction must cross at stations. The splitting of the track will increase the service of the line, with one more train per hour and direction, and reduce travel time.

The doubling of the line will involve an investment of 55.6 million euros and will be financed by funds from the European Union’s NextGeneration Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Work to build this second road is expected to begin in the coming months and last more than two years, about 25 months.

The work includes the construction of nine viaducts, seven overpasses and nine underpasses, as well as a total of 5,304 meters of new walls. At the same time, the project is complemented by actions at various stations to adapt them to the new infrastructure.


Prioritization of mobility on the B30

The study “Prioritization of actions in infrastructure and mobility services of the B-30 corridor”, prepared with the support of the Diputació de Barcelona and in which all the municipalities of the association participated, aims to define the agenda for prioritizing the actions of the public and private mobility system in the B30 area.

The result is 62 actions to increase the competitiveness of the B30 corridor, 30 on public transport and 32 on the road network, which are considered priorities in terms of mobility and infrastructure to promote the growth and economic development of the territory of the Area B30.