The B30 in figures


Mobility infrastructures such as main roads and rail networks. The same B30, the C58 and the AP-7 stand out. It is located a few kilometers from the Barcelona Airport and the Barcelona freight port. It also has the CIM Vallès (Intermodal Merchandise Center).


In the radius of the B30 there are more than 60 research centers, around 10 science and technology parks and 15 university centers. The Alba Park, for example, is a benchmark center in the world in terms of research and development of new technologies. It is the engine of scientific and business competitiveness not only in Catalonia and Spain, but also in southern Europe. Universities such as the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia or Esade are also spearheads of the advanced educational strategy of the territory.


Wide and diverse business fabric, which reaches 30,000 companies. It concentrates 25% industrial employment in Catalonia in more than 195 economic activity estates and 7,000ha of industrial land.

The area of the B30 is presented as the economic engine of Catalonia, thanks to the industry established for decades in this area, as well as its privileged geographical location in the center of the Mediterranean corridor and next to Barcelona. Without going any further, scope B30 is located in the center of one of the busiest European mega-regions: the Barcelona-Lyon axis.