The Àmbit B30 Association has laid the foundations to implement a circular economy model in the region, thus broadening its capabilities as an industrial and advanced manufacturing powerhouse for Southern Europe. This new phase has begun today at the ESADECREAPOLIS headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallés with the latest session of the Coloquios B30 series. Today’s discussion focused on the circular economy as a new way to approach economic development.


With the implementation of this new approach to the economy, the Àmbit B30 Association is setting objectives to improve the region’s economic performance while reducing the use of resources; to create new opportunities for growth and employment; to prioritize a consistent use of resources and to foster innovation and competitiveness, all while remaining focused on reducing environmental impact.

For Association president and mayor of Mollet del Vallés, Josep Monràs, “These aren’t just words on paper. We are firmly committed to implementing this project in our region.” According to Monràs, “We have another opportunity to increase possibilities in the region and make it into a benchmark for Europe by implementing policies that create a better balance between the production of goods and services and generate profits and high-quality jobs, all while respecting our environment and keeping future generations in mind.”

In addition, Barcelona Provincial Council president and mayor of Sant Cugat, Mercè Conesa, underscores, “We need to face global challenges from our own area, and we need to do it together.” For Conesa, implementing this economic model “will allow us to collaboratively confront the key challenge of access to energy. If we prioritize local production, we’ll save on energy costs and reduce our impact on the environment.”

In terms of leadership of this new economic system, Jordi Hereu, head of the Fòrum Ambiental Foundation, says, “There’s no doubt that the Àmbit 30 Association is fully capable of being the benchmark for the circular economy in Southern Europe. Àmbit B30’s circular economy project constitutes a major opportunity for the region, because the project is comprehensive, strong, innovative and in line with European strategy.”

During the event, Ramón Farreny, of the technical secretariat of the Ecoinnovation Laboratory, explained the foundations of the project in a talk entitled “Los beneficios de la economía circular y por dónde empezar” (“The benefits of the circular economy and where to start”).