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The UAB, Eurecat and the Association B30 Area drive the Hub b30 to solve the innovation challenges of companies and institutions

The Hub b30 platform aims to make available to companies and institutions the technological capabilities and scientific knowledge of the Sphere UAB, Eurecat and its environment to innovate and improve competitiveness.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona, the UAB Research Park, Eureca Area Association create the Hub b30. (web:

The objective is to promote the innovation of small and medium-sized businesses in the territory. It is a platform that supports companies and institutions to detect their challenges and needs to improve their competitiveness, and offer them the most appropriate solution, through collaboration and interaction.

“The University is committed to transferring the knowledge it generates and, therefore, it is necessary to have a dialogue with society through the creation of cooperation structures with the business, social and public institutions,” said Javier Lafuente, Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Projects of the UAB and director of the UAB Research Park. “The Hub b30 becomes a cohesion project of the entities of the territory in order to increase the competitiveness of companies”.

According to Josep Monràs, president of the B30 Area Association and mayor of Mollet del Vallès, “this project is the result of the joint work and the commitment of institutions and organizations present in the B30 area to situate this territory as the reference to the south of Europe in the field of advanced manufacturing, encouraging the creation of tools that help to promote and facilitate the generation of economic activity and employment and, ultimately, improve the lives of people”.



This initiative will allow companies to access high-level facilities and infrastructures and work with high-level scientific research personnel and at the forefront of knowledge. Custom projects will be developed, designed to meet the specific needs of each company or institution. Through training, counseling, collaborative research or access to talent, the Hub b30 aims to help companies and entities to become more innovative and competitive.

“More and more companies are clear that innovating is essential to maintain their position or expand their business perspectives. The alliance between Eurecat, the UAB and the B30 Area Association, through Hub b30, will allow companies to offer the most cutting-edge knowledge and technologies”, said Xavier López, corporate and operations director of Eurecat .

In order to publicize the technologies and capabilities that the Hub b30 puts at the disposal of small and medium-sized businesses, one of the first activities that will be developed is the organization of different meetings on innovations and trends in specific fields. These conferences, called Brunchs of Innovation, will be focused on specific cases of application of disruptive technology or innovation in a particular sector or market. Examples of innovations related, for example, will be addressed with safety, health, efficiency, sustainability, mobility or communication.