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The chemical, metallurgical and food sectors will be the first to begin applying the Circular Economy model in the B30 field

The Auditorium of the Hospital de Mollet welcomes the meeting of the Plenary Council of the Association Area B30

Since the Association decided to establish the foundations for implementing the circular economy model in its territory, the next step will be to specify the application of this new way of seeing the economy in specific sectors, especially the metallurgical, the chemical and those that have to do with the feeding. These sectors have been chosen as a result of the study carried out with the support of the Diputació de Barcelona.



“We are facing a project that will begin to take shape in the first quarter of next year and, with the help of the Diputació de Barcelona, will undoubtedly become the most innovative in Catalonia and throughout Spain”

According to the president of the Association and mayor of Mollet del Vallès, Josep Monràs, “the objective is to improve the economic results of the territory by reducing the use of resources, prioritizing the use of their own, creating new opportunities for growth and employment and boost innovation and competitiveness “, and all in all” without neglecting the commitment, it would even be the obligation, to minimize the environmental impact. ”

During the Plenary Council, the Association has also decided to strengthen its commitment to continue promoting and interconnecting the sectors of innovation and technology with companies through the HUBb30 project led by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and EURECAT.

With regard to mobility, they are still looking for different ways to improve the connectivity to the B30 environment in order to reduce the circulatory and at the same time environmental impact. In this sense, B30 is participating in the work sessions for the development of the Vallès Mobility Plan and has initiated the work to review the Study of prioritization of mobility infrastructures in the territory of the B30. In addition, Josep Monràs announced that “we have the commitment of the new Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, to organize after summer some days in which we can debate the proposals of the Generalitat to improve the short and medium term problems of mobility we suffer. ”

Work Plan 2018

Among other issues, the Association plans to work on updating the study Strategies for an improvement in the competitiveness of industry in the B30 field in order to continue promoting its industrial strategy, continue with the task To bring nanoscience closer to companies and continue promoting the exterior projection with the aim of publicizing the opportunities offered by the territory.