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The metallurgical sector of the B30 reflects on how to incorporate the circular economy into its value chain to improve competitiveness

The session, entitled "The circular economy in the metal sector: sustainability as a lever of innovation and competitiveness" and organized by Area B30 in conjunction with the Metallurgical Center in the framework of the XAC B30 project, had as with the aim of analyzing the potential of the circular economy in the metallurgical sector within the territory of the B30.

Environmental challenges such as climate change, the scarcity and consequent rise in the cost of resources in the economy (materials, water and energy), and a growing awareness of responsible production and consumption among businesses and citizens, are motivating the inclusion of sustainability in business strategies, business models, and product and service design. This is one of the main premises with which the XAC B30 has organized a working session with the metallurgical sector of the territory with the aim of listening to the needs of the business fabric and accompany them in the application of the circular economy to its productive processes.

The conference was organized jointly by the Àmbit B30 Association, the Metallurgical Center and the Metal Business Federation – FEM.

During the session, companies and economic agents worked to define challenges and opportunities of the circular economy in the sector and discussed the importance of introducing elements of sustainability in companies. Real implementation cases have also been provided and shared their vision. All with an eye on informing, raising awareness and putting the realities and needs of the business fabric on the table.

Josep Monràs, president of the Àmbit B30 Association, welcomed the companies and agents participating in the session and explained that from Àmbit B30 “we firmly believe in the need to promote the circular economy in our territory as element to increase industrial competitiveness and sustainable management of natural resources ”. Monràs also highlighted the work done in recent years in the framework of the XAC B30 project and the “role of the association as a catalyst for projects to promote the axis of the B30 as the economic hub of the south of Europe ”.

Gabriel Torras, general director of the Metallurgical Center also addressed the participants and recalled that “in the metal, the intelligent design, the recycling and the improvement of the sustainability have been present in the productive processes of the companies of the sector. Now experts are talking about the need to introduce the four ‘r’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover.” Torras added that “sessions like today’s should help us involve the business sector to promote these changes in production processes.”

The day is part of the second phase of the project to boost the circular economy in the B 30, an initiative that has promoted Àmbit B30 in recent years. As part of the XAC B30, a few weeks ago the report “Circular Area B30” was presented, a document which captures the circular vision of the region and its industrial fabric. It identifies the economic sectors (agri-food, packaging systems, metal and fine chemicals) and the 16 strategies with the most potential to begin implementing the circular economy in the territory.

The report also identified a number of synergies between key sectors, which focus and frame the different challenges and opportunities, both sectoral and cross-cutting. With regard to the metal sector, it is noted that the dispersion of products makes it necessary to improve the traceability, recovery and reminiscence of metals, in order to reintroduce them into the economy.


The project has the support of the Diputació de Barcelona.