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The XACB30 debates on how to make an intelligent use of the industrial waste generated in the territory

Different entities in the area have taken part in a workshop on the exchange of circular experiences in the use and recirculation of industrial waste, organized by the Àmbit B30 Association.

Waste is an inefficiency of our production model. They do not exist in nature, but since the industrial revolution they have not stopped growing in our societies. With this approach, up to twenty entities and organizations in the B30 area have participated in a workshop for the exchange of experiences on the use and recirculation of industrial waste.

The meeting served to share practices, learn from them, and encourage all those municipalities that wish to promote an improvement in the use of industrial waste in their ecosystem. In a participatory, open and practical forum format, technical staff from local councils, companies and business organizations in the B30 area took part.

The current challenge is to be able to value these resources and reintroduce them into the economy. The territory of the B30, with its 23 municipalities, almost 200 industrial estates, 15 university centers, and 10 science parks, has the potential to turn thousands of tons of waste into resources.

One of the conclusions of the day was that an alignment between the business fabric and public administrations is essential to achieve goals of recirculation in the waste of the industry. In this sense, local bodies must play a leading role in detecting and connecting opportunities between companies.

The meeting is part of the project of the XACB30 (Circular Action Network of the B30), the working group on circular economy of Area B30 that has been working since 2018 to boost the circular economy in the territory of the B30.