XAC B30: A network for circular economy action on the B30

The circular economy is a key work axis for a territory that is recognized and claimed as innovative and advanced industry. There is a broad consensus that digitization and the green and circular economy constitute the axes of Europe’s recovery and reindustrialization and an unavoidable commitment on the horizon of 2050.

The group’s first assignment was to define the circular future vision of the B30 region and it is materialized in the report “Circular B30 Area”.

Based on the roadmap and the learnings of the first phase, and under the brand XACB30 (Circular Action Network of the B30), the foundations are laid to walk towards this circular vision. During 2021 a new phase of the project begins with the aim of strengthening alliances and collaboration between the agents of change that are already working on the revitalization of the circular economy within the B30 territory, offering training, training and expert support, scaling experiences and creating a space that brings together news and resources in circular economy in the territory.









Project funded by:

Xarxa Acció Circular B30 (XAC B30)
Plaça Major, 1
08100 Mollet del Vallès
Barcelona · Spain