The future is built with realities.
B30, innovation territory.

Any analysis that focuses on the economic growth of a territory, places it as one of the main axes to ensure the sustainability of its growth, innovation and the factor that directly contributes to the transformation of both processes and of products produced within a territory.

Territories are increasingly acting as multisectoral communities in which actors, both public and private, interact to build projects that provide improvements and new opportunities for their development. The vitality and development of the territory will largely depend on the importance and success of these alliances.

The Area B30 Association has in its founding objectives to work, from public-private agreement for sustainable economic growth, with innovative productive sectors that guarantee new job opportunities for the citizens of the towns and cities that make up this territorial area.

The work of the Association in recent times has been very broad and diversified, obviously thanks to the participation and collaboration of many of its members. Advanced industry and manufacturing, the network of road infrastructure and mobility, the external projection of the territory of the B30 for the attraction of companies, the modernization of industrial estates and areas of economic activity, the links between research and business, these are some of the many aspects that have been worked on and that constitute a good basis for the strength of this territory.

In the territory of the B30 we have a wide and rich diversity of companies and at the same time with an excellent training and research offer around the universities located here. This is one of the most important assets available to the territory and one of its great opportunities must be the ability to take advantage of knowledge and its application to the needs of the company.

In short, a territory with the will to be more innovative, more creative and above all with a strong collaboration between its most important actors, whether in the field of knowledge and research, business, administration or social groups. This is, in short, the goal of the Area B30 Association.


Josep Monràs i Galindo
President of the Àmbit B30 Association.