Who is part of the Àmbit B30 Association?

The Àmbit B30 Association is made up of more than 50 organizations from 23 municipalities and its objective is to develop a joint collaboration strategy to strengthen the industrial and technological zone that comprises the entire axis of the B30 and to position it as one of the industrial regions with the most potential innovator from Catalonia, Spain and southern Europe.

Town councils and public administrations

Research centers and technology parks

Business organizations

Trade union organizations


Other organizations

The association builds bridges of dialogue between its members and the different groups of agents


The Government of Spain and the Government of Catalonia, with their industrial and research policies; the Barcelona Provincial Council, with a long experience of economic promotion and with inter-municipal work and, finally, the city councils, an area in which territorial policies and economic development are specified and, currently, favoring this cooperation process.

Knowledge-related agents

Universities as poles of knowledge creation, closely linked to research centers and technology centers, but also outlining the relevance of the professional and continuing training system as a guarantor of the existence of trained people linked to the productive sectors.

Business groups and chambers of commerce

Agents who know about the industrial structure and its requirements; companies, particularly the most innovative and leading-edge, as well as trade union organizations, key elements in industrial transformations.