The association

Unity is strength

We are a grouping of institutions public and private with Capacity to create synergies that drive the territory from the collaboration between the different agents that operate there.

The association works in the next goals :

  • Promote and Strengthen the industrial fabric of the B-30 ring road to revitalize the industry and its products connections.
  • Encourage and give   support for entrepreneurship .
  • Get up   investment Foreign.
  • Promote research and transfer of knowledge .
  • Promote telecommunications in areas of activity economic , polygons and others equipments with the purpose of attracting companies .
  • To create quality employment.


Our structure

In October 2012, the Àmbit B30 Association was formed, made up of 53 organizations from 23 towns in the area of influence of the stretch of the AP7 and AP2; between the towns of Martorell and Roca del Vallès in the east-west direction, and between Castellar del Vallès and Sant Cugat del Vallès in the north-south direction. In addition, the Association impacts populations near the B30 hub with shared objectives.

Executive committe

The Council Plenary of the B30, in March 2021, decides unanimously retained its confidence in Joseph Monràs, Mayor of Mollet del Vallès as president of the Association and how to renew them yours governing bodies.

That way, for the eight Vice Presidencies, representing the different ones organizations that make up the association  have been appointed by the new ExecutiveCommittee :

Town halls and administrations public

  • Mollet del Vallès Town Council (Presidency)
  • Sant Cugat del Vallès Town Council 
  • Sabadell Town Council 
  • Santa Perpètua de Mogoda Town Council 
  • Martorell Town Council (Secretariat)

Organizations business and trade unions

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sabadell
  • Commissions Workers 
  • Foundation for Industry

Universities, Technology Centers and Research Parks

  • Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)
  • Eurecat, Technological Center

General Council

The General Council (or plenary) is made up of all the members of the Association, is the sovereign body that can deliberate on any matter of interest to the Association and adopts agreements in the field of its competence and controls the activity of other governing bodies.

It meets annually and makes the most relevant decisions of the entity’s activity.

The act of constitution

The constitution of the Àmbit B30 Association took place on May 21, 2013, at the ALBA synchrotron light laboratory. The press release and photographs can be found here.

Statutes of Àmbit B30 Association

You can download here the statutes of the Àmbit B30 Association